What should I pay attention to when buying a harmless waste incinerator?

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2022-05-24 09:19

Waste incinerators have a small footprint and high treatment efficiency, making them ideal for investing in environmental protection equipment. Linwei Environmental Protection, who has many years of production and manufacturing experience, reminds everyone that investing in the construction of waste incinerators must be understood.

1. Equipment procurement: The harmless waste incinerator should be purchased from a regular and powerful manufacturer and must be inspected on site. When signing the contract, it depends on the payment method and inspection location of the harmless waste incinerator you purchased. The key is to see which product is the other. If you encounter a small incinerator provided by a manufacturer with a high price, unreliable, and low-end situation, please be careful, it may be a pit, don't be greedy for a momentary cheap, investment opportunities go to waste.

2. Installation location: Since the harmless waste incinerator is used to treat domestic waste harmlessly, transporting it to the vicinity of the site may cause the spread of diseases, so the harmless waste incinerator should be selected in a place far away from water sources.