Operation precautions and advantages of waste incinerators

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2022-05-24 09:20

The waste incinerator is composed of a waste pretreatment system, an incineration system, a smoke biochemical dust removal system and a large system of gas generator (ignition incineration). The waste incinerator integrates automatic feeding, screening, drying, incineration, ash cleaning, dust removal and automatic control. The waste incinerator adopts the technical measures of high temperature combustion, secondary oxygenation, and automatic slag discharge to meet the monitoring requirements of sewage.

Before starting the garbage incinerator, carefully check the connection of the wires to see if there is any wrong connection or phase leakage. For the connection inspection of the oil circuit system of the waste incinerator, except for the inlet and return oil of the burner, the burner's own hose is used, and the remaining pipelines need to use copper pipes or steel pipes. No leakage of oil is allowed at the joint of the pipe fittings. If there is leakage of oil, measures should be taken to stop the leakage in time.

The garbage is sent to the drying bed of the garbage incinerator through the automatic feeding unit for drying, and then sent to the first-level grate, where it is volatilized and cracked at high temperature on the grate. The first stage is thrown into the next stage of the grate, and the polymer material is cracked at this time, and other materials are burned. This continues until it enters the ash pit after burning out, and is discharged by the automatic slag removal device.

The advantages of waste incinerators: good performance, strong firepower, fast heating, and low noise. Small land occupation can effectively reduce landfill occupation. The furnace body adopts new refractory, heat preservation and heat insulation materials, which makes the furnace have good heat preservation performance, reduces energy consumption, improves heat utilization rate, and completely burns garbage. The environmental protection technology of the waste incinerator is perfect, and the flue gas treatment technology is reasonable. Waste incinerator processing capacity: 50kg/h-1000kg/h.