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Body incinerator

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Summary: Committed to various high-tech products such as industrial furnaces, waste incinerators, etc., and has long-term technical cooperation relations with the Ninth Design Institute of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, Shanghai Tongji University, and Shanghai Jiaotong University, the company has various technical personnel. 16 people, specializing in the design and development of industrial furnaces, so that the product quality and performance can reach the professional level of the same industry in China.

Key words: incinerator, garbage incinerator, special incinerator, body incinerator, roller hearth furnace

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Our all-fiber full-automatic trolley-type fuel-fired heat treatment furnace, trolley-type gas-fired heat treatment furnace, gas (fuel)-fired full-automatic incinerator, steel wire annealing furnace, automatic high-temperature tunnel kiln, cast chain continuous annealing furnace, ferroalloy heating furnace, and roller-hearth furnace are considered stable in operation, reasonable in design, and adequate to customers’ demands through years of application by industrial and mining enterprises, such as China South Locomotive Group, Shanghai Blower Works Co., Ltd., Malaysia Bright Import & Export, Shanghai Qingpu Crank Axle Factory, Shanghai Similes Knitting Fashions Co., Ltd., Shanghai Automobile Forging General Plant, Shanghai Dalong Machinery Factory, Shanghai Shaped Steel Tube Co., Ltd., Changzhou Changbao Stainless Special Steel Tube Co., Ltd., Laisteel Group Yantai Steel Pipe Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Hongdu Steel Mill, Changshu KSD Forging & Casting Technology Co., Ltd., Danyang Boiler Auxiliaries Works Co., Ltd., etc.